How Indian Are You?

You may be the one who likes spicy and do Namaste! So, all of it depends on how much of the culture you know to be an Indian. Take up this quiz to get the answers.

How much your personality reflects that you are an Indian?

You maybe living in India for a certain time or since your birth, but it really depends on how cultural you are and the amount of things you know about the country. 

How Indian Are You?

Take up this quiz, answer 10 simple yet interesting questiona and know how much of an Indian are you! 


You're 100% Indian

From liking the spicy food, bargaining like a boss and creating your own lane. You are a 100% Indian for good as well as not so good reasons. 

You're 75% Indian 

You are almost an India, a person who likes spicy to a person who is really patriotic towards the country. You know much about the place, to be called a native.

You're not at all an Indian 

You have no sign of being an Indian, you like nothing about the country I guess cause you have no such habit of being an Indian. Maybe you should leave the country, dude!

You're in the way of being an Indian

You like somethings about India, like it's festivals but that does not mean that you really are into cultures and traditions of the country. But you are trying to adapt and get into the food habits and other things, I can see.