What Is Your Guardian Angels Name?

Which angel and what type is exactly your Guardian angel? Take up this quiz to know

What Is Your Guardian Angels Name?

Is it Samael or Michael? A virtue angel, an archangel, or a warrior angel? Do you wanna know yours, by answering some simple questions?

What Is Your Guardian Angels Name Quiz:

Have you ever thought that one of the guardian angels may have your back and direct you to the right path? If yes, then which one? Take up this quiz to know what is your Guardian Angel's name!


The leader of the Army Of God. Michael is your guardian angel, who leads you all the way to triumph over any situation. He will always guide you to the right path and against evil.


He is a divine angel with a leading position in the group. He makes things easier for you, interpreting the meaning of life, he will guide you to power and truth. 


The special angel is the guardian angel of happy meetings. He will guard you through all the problems and lead you to proper and good solutions. 


An angel of repentance, he gives you strength and watches over you for your own safety. Takes you away from terror and evil.