What will my baby look like?

What triats will your baby have, who will dominate your babies physical features? To find out take the quiz below.

Wondering how your baby will look like?

If you wish to know what yor baby will like, what traits will they have then take this quiz.

What will my future baby look like?

What will me baby look like is a question everyone thinks about once in their life atleast. Its a very different feeling knowing that the mini you would like you and your partner. So if you want to find out take this quiz.




Your baby will have a lots of hair on their tiny head and body.

Big Eyes

Your baby will have round big beautiful eyes.

Healthy Baby

Your baby will be like a little teddy bear with lots of rolls on the body.

Blue eyes 

Your baby will have beautiful oceanic deep blue eyes.


From the moment your baby comes into this world they will spread happiness with their smile.

Long legs and hands

Yor baby will have cute long legs and hands.